Meet the Officers: Charlotte Weber

Name: Charlotte Weber

Officer Title: Secretary

Favorite food: Homemade applesauce made by my mommy

Favorite subject in school: History and French

Favorite Actor: Hunter Parrish

Favorite Actress: Meryl Streep

Favorite Players moment/memory: My favorite Staples Players moment was when I walked into call on opening night of Guys and Dolls and it just hit me that this show, this opening night, was going to be all 100% us. It was completely clear how much of a student-run organization we are and how much we have to be proud of. Watching everyone get ready and help each other out made it clear how strong we can be together and how much we actually can do on our own. Every person’s talent shined through and I was filled with immeasurable pride for what we could accomplish. [Editor’s Note: Charlotte is referring to the opening night of last season’s “Guys & Dolls”, when director David Roth was not able to attend the show because of the – surprise – birth of his daughter, Lucy! Associate Director Kerry Long was also unable to attend… because she was the one giving birth]

Favorite Players show (either that you have been in/worked on or seen): “The Children’s Hour”, June 2010 (plus I like died a little inside/fell madly in love with “Romeo and Juliet” when I saw Players put it up my eighth grade year)

Interests outside of Players: Sewing, guitar, and baking

Most useful piece of advice for a new Player: Be excited. Being new is always going to have its few awkward moments but as you ease into the Players lifestyle everything will just start becoming easier for you and it will rock your socks off/blow your mind.

If you could be one animal, what would you be and why?
If I could be any animal I would be a dragon. I would be a dragon because all dragons are so different that I could make my own variety of dragon that is friendly and sparkly, and of course I will have many other dragon friends.

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