CURTAINS Rehearsal Schedule 9/20-9/24


DANCE: 2:30-4:30 Robbin’ Hood DANCERS, Robbin’ Hood Chorus, Jessica, Niki – “Wide Open Spaces”

4:30-5:30 “In The Same Boat” Girls’ Trio“ (memorize lyrics to full version before this)
ACTING  2:30-4:00 Pgs. 18-20 Cioffi, Aaron, Georgia, Belling, Carmen, (Oscar)
3:30-4:30 Review 6-15 Oscar, Carmen, Georgia, Aaron, Bobby, Belling, Joey,

4:30-5:30 20-22, 26-28 Cioffi, Bambi, Carmen, Sydney, Belling, Johnny, Oscar, (Georgia,     Aaron,     Bobby) Randy/ Harv (all 3 of you)

ACTING 2:30-3:30 Page 24-25, 28-31: Niki, Cioffi

3:15-5:00 Page 33-36: Carmen, Niki, Sydney, Grady, O’Farrel, Oscar, Belling, Cioffi

2:30-3:30 Sol doing Character work with Adam

2:30-4:30 Michelle doing character work with Gwen

4:30-5:30 Pgs: 39-43 Cioffi, Aaron, Georgia (Aarons have I MISS THE MUSIC             MEMORIZED) During this time Georgias will also do character work and monologue         “Thinking of Him”

DANCE: 4:30-5:30 Bambi and Bobby start work with JoJo and Annabelle on Kansasland

LATE: Ryan Shea

MUSIC: 2:30-3:30 “Show People”/ “The Woman’s Dead”
3:15-4:15 “He Did It”
3:45-4:45 “Tough Act to Follow” with full ensemble for that song
4:15-5:15 “Thataway”

5:00-5:30 “Wide Open Spaces” / “Kansasland”
MUSIC/ DANCE/ ACTING  2:30-4:00 –  “The Woman’s Dead” FULL ENSEMBLE with Cioffi
DANCE 4:00-5:30 “Kansasland”
ACTING: 4:00-5:30 Cioffi, Belling, Niki, Joey, Carmen, O’Farrell
MUSIC: 4:00- 5:30 Georgia and Aaron- work on duet, “Thataway”, and “I Miss the Music”             (individually)

DANCE  2:30-5:30 “Wide Open Spaces” and Others PLEASE HAVE LYRICS MEMORIZED through all opening scene-Jessica, “Robbin’ Hood” Dancers and “Robbin’ Hood”  Chorus, Niki, Bobby, If your name is on the cast list as being in this song- you need to be there

ACTING 2:30-5:30
Oscar, Carmen, Georgia, Aaron, Belling, Joey, Cioffi, Sydney, Grady REVIEW, CHARACTER WORK, LINE WORK


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