Important messages re: this week from Mr. Roth, Mrs. Kahn and Costumes!


We are suffering from a lot of problems due to absences, late arrivals, etc.  Unless it’s cleared with Mr. Roth in advance, students should only be missing rehearsals for illness.  If you clear with Mr. Roth an absence or late arrival for some reason other than illness, we still need to hear from you the day before you’ll be absent/late, just as a reminder to us.  Please call the numbers below on the day before you will be out.  If you need to alert us of an unexpected absence due to illness, parents (or cast members themselves) should please make 2 phone calls as early as possible on that day – and at least by 11:00 AM.   Anyone who leaves school ill during the day should also call as soon as they are able.

  1. Phone Mr. Roth ASAP at 203-341-1305 and leave a message
  2. Phone stage manager, Elana Machlis ASAP at 203-644-3259 and leave a message or text.


IMPORTANT FROM MS. KAHN TO PARENTS/CAST: Girls who do not have appropriate footwear or their own rehearsal skirts (and bike shorts/dance shorts underneath) for EVERY rehearsal may be asked to sit out and watch, then be required to learn the dance/staging on their own time, outside of rehearsal.  Those who are asked to sit out more than once may be removed from the number/scene. Boys who are dancing should bring knee pads to rehearsal EVERY day.  Boys must also wear appropriate footwear – preferably old dress shoes.  Boys need rehearsal costumes from home to include old shirt, tie, pants, belt, and blazer.


Also – EVERYONE:  Be sure to look at the Players hall bulletin board each day until opening night to see if costumes has posted a note/request to see you.  If so, you must check in with them – even if only to reschedule.  Help us out … If you see your friend’s name there – make sure he/she saw it as well; some are better than others at remembering to look for/read the notes on the board.

PARENTS/CAST – Very Important Costume needs for Curtains:

1. As was noted before, Costumes Dept. is in great need of MENS cowboy boots – or larger sized/plain women’s boots that can be worn by men as soon as possible, for rehearsing in.  We would prefer that these be donated to us as footwear that’s danced in can take a bit of a beating.  However if you don’t mind getting the boots back after this bit of wear and tear, we’d be happy to return any boots lent to us.  If they are super valuable – keep them at home.  Send them in via your son/daughter ASAP or drop them off during rehearsals.

2. We need western-style belts with large buckles–we can definitely return these.

3. Every cast member in the musical number “He Did It” needs to bring in a pair of slippers to wear in the number. You need not donate these, you’ll just wear your own slippers (the plainer in style, the better – and NO Uggs, or Sponge Bob, etc.) then take them back home at the end if you still want them.  Remember: the play takes place in 1959 so try to stick with something basic in color/style.

4. We will be talking to cast members about individual footwear needs and we hope to supply most footwear, as we usually do.  PARENTS:  Please Do keep asking your sons/daughters if they’ve been asked to bring in special shoes, etc.

5. SALOON GIRLS in Thataway–Costumes Dept. will be purchasing special shoes for you.  We are requesting that each girl brings in $20 cash to defray the cost.  Please bring this money to Mrs. Watt or Mrs. Stampa.  If a check must be submitted, please make it out to Staples Players.  Any questions, talk to Mrs. W or Mrs. S.

6. Costumes can always use donations of vintage or unusual clothing.  THANK YOU!


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