Sally Eidman needs your help!

Help get Players alum Sally Eidman into the FINALS for the NYMF’s Next Broadway Sensation Competition!

Here is a little message from Sally herself –

long story short:
Please click on this link and vote for me to continue on in this competition! When you click on VOTE it will tell you to set up a theatermania account- do it in order to make your vote count! It takes five seconds and is free.  Then you VOTE after your account has been created.  BE SURE TO VOTE AFTER YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CREATED, OR THE VOTE WILL NOT GO THROUGH!


short story long:
I am in a competition that is basically “American Idol,” but for Broadway.  I made it this past week into the top 6!  Yesterday, only 2 contestants made it through to the finals, and my performance was honestly not my best work- therefore, I didn’t get voted through.  60% of the decision was based on audience votes, and both finalists attended, or are currently attending, college in NYC- putting me at a huge disadvantage.  Now I want my friend’s voices to be heard!  ONE person can be saved electronically for next week’s show. If you vote me through I will perform with the other two finalists this Sunday night, and will not let you down!

To give you a little idea about how fabulous Sally is, check out her performance from the first week of competition!

Also check out Sally performing with her college a cappella group, THUNK. The quality of this video isn’t great, but Sally sounds fantastic!


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