Brighton Beach Memoirs CAST LIST

Thanks to everyone who auditioned – we had a lot of tough decisions to make! We are very excited about the cast and can’t wait to get started on this show. Congrats!!


Cast members are strongly encouraged to pick up a script for the show from Gwen Beal this weekend so that you can be familiar with it. We would prefer if people are not reading totally cold for the read thru. Please contact Gwen to set that up.

There will be a read thru on Monday, December 22nd after school. All cast members and understudies should attend.

Eugene Jerome: Ryan Shea
Stanley Jerome: Matthew Van Gessel & Charlie Greenwald
Jack Jerome: Max Samuels
Kate Jerome: Eva Hendricks
Blanche: Alison Manning & Jessica Oestreicher
Nora: Rachel Samuels & Sofia Ribolla
Laurie: Kelly Gore & Emily Ressler

Understudy for Jack: Will Smith
Understudy for Eugene: Daniel Greenberg
Understudy for Kate: Madeline Seidman



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