Once on This Island AUDITION Information

Please read below for a message from OOTI Director Kathryn Durkin!


Hi everyone! We are so excited for auditions and we hope you are too! Here is some information regarding how the process will work:

For auditions, we are posting songs from the show.  You are required to sing one of the chosen songs as your audition song.  Furthermore, we have chosen specific sections of each of these songs.  The sheet music will be posted below.  We are also posting the callback sheet music and sides (IN A SEPARATE POST); we will be using all of the audition songs plus a few extra songs and sides. (DO NOT SING A CALLBACK SONG FOR YOUR AUDITION!) Use the break to get familiar with the show and callbacks.

The first day of singing auditions will take place on TUESDAY, JANUARY 4TH (changed from Monday, January 3rd)! There will be no dance auditions on this day.  Auditions will begin at approximately 4:30 after the Orphenians rehearsal.

On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5TH (date changed from Monday, January 3rd), everyone will have their DANCE audition.  This is a very dance and movement heavy show, so remember to wear clothing you can comfortably move in – no short skirts, tight jeans, or baggy pants.  Please wear appropriate footwear – sneakers or dance shoes, BUT NO CHARACTER SHOES!  This will be day two for singing auditions!


The performance dates for this show are March 18th, 19th, and 20th.  To audition for the show, please be sure you are available on these dates as well as the two weeks before it, no exceptions.

Monday 3rd – NOTHING

Tuesday 4th – Singing auditions beginning at 4:30

Wednesday 5th – Singing auditions and ALL DANCE AUDITIONS beginning at 2:30

Night of Wednesday 5th – Callback list is posted

Thursday 6th & Friday 7th – Callbacks

Night of Friday 7th – Cast list posted!!

Audition Songs:

Forever Yours Reprise – Papa Ge

One Small Girl – Storytellers

Some Girls – Daniel

Waiting for Life – Ti Moune

Mama Will Provide – Asaka

The Human Heart – Erzulie

Rain – Agwe

Callback Songs and Sides:

Forever Yours Reprise – Papa Ge (singing)

Forever Yours Reprise Monologue – Papa Ge (acting)

One Small Girl – Storytellers (singing)

Some Girls – Daniel (singing)

Extended Waiting for Life – Ti Moune (singing)

Mama Will Provide – Asaka (singing)

The Human Heart – Erzulie (singing)

Rain – Agwe (singing)

Andrea Sequence – Andrea, Daniel, Ti Moune (singing and acting)

One Small Girl – Mama, Tonton (acting)

Ti Moune – Mama, Tonton, Ti Moune (singing)

Wedding Sequence – Ti Moune Monologue (acting)

Daniel and Ti Moune Scene (acting)

Forever Yours – Ti Moune, Daniel, Papa Ge (singing)

Gods Heard Her Prayer – Asaka, Erzulie, Agwe, Papa  Ge (singing and acting)

Storyteller Monologue (acting)

We Dance – Storytellers (singing and acting)


Ti Moune: (15-24) Female Lead.  A naive peasant girl in Haiti whose life is being led/helped by the Gods. The heroine.  Young, full of restless energy and fervour, she is immature and even a little selfish in her single-minded quest for freedom.  Initially her love for Daniel is little more than a focus for her dreams, but she grows in maturity, poise and genuine love later Spontaneous. Requires a strong dancer. Belt – Vocal Range – G (below C) to E (2 above C)

Daniel Beauxhomme: (17-28) Male Lead  A wealthy Haitian, who is cared for by Ti Moune after a car crash.  Sensitive and poetic, he must be quite convincing as a romantic interest for the spirited Ti Moune.  His love for her is almost genuine, fuelled by her romantic view of him, and his betrayal of her is not cruelty but thoughtlessness and weakness of character  Tenor – Vocal Range – B (2 below C) to F Sharp (above C)

Erzulie: (25-45) Goddess of Love. A mentor for Ti Moune. Ethereal. Loving. The most approachable of the gods, but ultimately no less egocentric; by love she means romance.  Daniel is her choice for Ti Moune and in the end her concern is to prove her own power against that of Papa Ge. Requires a strong Soprano – Vocal Range – B (below C) to E (2 above C)

Agwe: (25-60) God of Water. A mentor for Ti Moune. Larger than life. Mysterious. Given that the sea and the weather are the most unpredictable and powerful elements of the peasants’ lives, they imagine Agwe as a commanding presence, but he holds himself rather aloof.  Requires a very strong singer with a dramatic voice and big range; Baritone/Bass – Vocal Range – B ( 2 below C ) to E ( above C )

Asaka: (30-60) Mother of the Earth.  A mentor for Ti Moune. Spunky. Happy. Personifies the peasants’ connection to the land, she is generous and good-humoured on the surface, but like all the gods feared by the islanders, her “motherly” facade is not to be trusted. Requires a strong singer – Vocal Range – A ( below C ) to E ( 2 above C )

Papa Ge: (30-50) God of Death. Antagonist to the other Gods. Embodying the fears of all the peasants, and easy to dislike, the storytellers will “cast” an outsider in the group, probably against his will, and he will carry some of that cynicism and bitterness into his “bargain” with Ti Moune. Vocal Range – C sharp ( below C ) to G ( above C )

Mama Euralie: (30-50) Ti Moune’s adoptive mother, protective, superstitious, fiercely loving and strong willed, her similarities often lead to clashes with Ti Moune. Caring, loving – a typical mother. Vocal Range – F sharp ( below C ) to B ( above C )

Tonton Julian: (30-50) Tonton is a French affectionate term for Uncle.  He is Ti Moune’s adoptive father, and from him she has learnt the sacrificial love she demonstrates later. Caring, loving – a typical father. Vocal Range – A ( 2 below C ) to E ( above C )

Storytellers: (All ages) Narrators of the story of Ti Moune.  Predominantly speaking roles.

Young Ti Moune: (4-9) Also plays the child for whom the story is told.  Energetic, confident, and sweet with a strong speaking and singing voice. Vocal Range – E flat ( above C ) to D Flat ( 2 above C )

Andrea Devereaux: (18-28) Daniel’s opposite – she seems cold at first, but turns out to be both humane and determined – she pities Ti Moune, but despite having little affection for Daniel, she will not allow sentiment to interfere with her well-ordered plan for marriage. Vocal range – B ( Below C ) to D ( 2 above C )

Monsieur Beauxhomme: (40-60) Daniel’s father.  For the peasants, very much part of another world, they portray him as quite callous and distant – a pantomime villain ( therefore probably doubled with Armand in the Tale of the Beauxhommes ) Vocal range – A ( 2 below C ) to D ( above C )

Forever Yours Reprise – Papa Ge

Mama Will Provide – Asaka

One Small Girl – Storytellers

Rain – Agwe

Some Girls – Daniel

The Human Heart – Erzulie

Waiting for Life – Ti Moune


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