Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned!

We are so sorry that we could not take more people. We had 61 students audition and were planning on taking 30 into the cast. We ended up with 39 and just couldn’t go any higher than that. The following people have been cast in the showcase. We will have a couple of callbacks to determine specific roles within the show, but each of these people will be involved in at least one song or scene. If you were not cast, please do not be discouraged – come to auditions for the Fall musical, where the cast will be bigger!

We based the casting on the following criteria: your audition for this show, your previous work in Players, your work in theatre class, seniority, previous auditions, your dance audition for “Curtains” and availability of roles that would be suitable for you.

A more complete listing of casting for the scenes and songs will posted at a later date.

Bess Spencer
Cara McNiff
Amanda Horowitz
Lexi Paul
Alexandra Rappaport
Caroline Rossi
Grace McDavid-Seidner
Madeline Seidman
Meaghan Elliott
Rachel Samuels
Whitney Andrews
Charlotte Weber
Maddy Rozynek
Sydney Robinson
Sofia Ribolla
Kathryn Durkin
Jamie Yarmoff
Tori Schachne
Sami Schwaeber
Michelle Pauker
Alison Manning
Eva Hendricks
Thomas Bonner
Sam Adelmann
Will Haskell
Mike Moritz
Gregg Bonti
Greg Langstine
Elliott Enriquez
Glenn Leo
Daniel Greenberg
Ryan Shea
Charlie Greenwald
August Laska
Matt Van Gessel
Clay Singer
Matt Greenberg
Tyler Jent
Max Samuels


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