Jesus Christ Superstar Rehearsal – Week of 6/20/11

Monday, June 20:
1:00-2:00 Judas, Jesus and Mary meet with Directors
2:00-3:30 JUDAS, MARY AND JESUS – solo parts of:
What’s The Buzz?

Strange thing, Mystifying

Everything’s Alright

Last Supper
3:30-4:30 JUDAS- “Jesus Christ Superstar” solo parts of title number.
Damned For All Time/ Blood Money- solo parts

4:30-5:30  PILATE- solo parts of:
“Pilate & Christ”

“Trial By Pilate (Including The 39 Lashes)”
Tuesday, June 21
2:00-3:30  JESUS- Solo parts of:


Simon Zealotes/ Poor Jerusalem

The Temple/ Lepers
3:30-5:00  SIMON AND SIMON’S WIFE (Trevor and Annabelle)
Simon Zealotes (solo parts)

Wednesday, June 22 (This rehearsal will take place off-site due to Staples Graduation- location to follow)
2:00-4:00 Jesus- WORK ALL SOLOS

4:00-5:30  Judas-  WORK ALL SOLOS

Thursday, June 23
2:30-5:30  MUSIC: FULL CAST  Everyone is in these songs) “Superstar”, “Pilate and Christ”, “Trial Before Pilate”, “Hosanah”

Friday, June 24
2:00-5:30 Music: Tribe, Jesus, Judas, Mary – “What’s the Buzz”, “Strange Thing Mystifying”, “Everything’s All Right”, “The Last Supper”


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