Thanks to everyone for all of your hard work at auditions. 
Thank you again for all of your efforts- this has been one of the toughest shows EVER to cast, but we are so happy with the results. We think it will be a great show and are looking forward to starting work soon!

Please note that if you are not on this list, that means that we did not have room in the cast for you this time. We strongly encourage you to keep working with your crew(s) and to come and audition for the next show! There are lots of people that we would love to see at auditions again and would have loved to cast.

We will have a full cast read thru on Monday Sept 12 after school. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Sharks Women:
Maria: Grace McDavid-Seidner & Michelle Pauker
Anita: Jamie Yarmoff & Sofia Ribolla
Rosalia: Cara McNiff & Maddy Rozynek
Consuelo: Sami Schwaeber & Rachel Samuels
Francesca: Alexandra Rappaport & Lexi Paul
Teresita: Briyana Theodore & Amanda Horowitz
Estella: Kelly Gore
Margarita: Sylvie Lexow
Bonita: Sarah Sawyer
Camilla: Helena Wippick/ Annabel Burchill
Abella: Cara McNiff / Maddy Rozynek

Sharks Men:
Bernardo: Tyler Jent
Pepe: Ryder Chasin
Chino: Everett Sussman
Indio: Joe Badion
Luis: Sam Adelmann
Moose: Evan Klasky
Toro: Will Haskell
Juano: Liam Orly
Anxious: Dylan Luce
Nibbles: Jacob Nadel

Anybody’s: Sydney Robinson & Charlotte Weber
Velma: Annabel Burchill & Helena Wippick
Graziella: Annie Cooperstone
Pauline: Danielle Frost
Minnie: Ali Daut
Clarice: Caroline Rossi
Linda: Faye Osgood

Jets Men:
Tony: Clay Singer
Riff: Charlie Greenwald
Action: Ryan Shea
Diesel: Will Smith
Baby John: Daniel Greenberg & Jack Bowman
A-Rab: Gregg Bonti
Snowboy: August Laska
Big Deal: Michael Sixsmith
Tiger: Jack Bowman & Daniel Greenberg

The Adults:
Doc: Bryan Gannon
Lieutenant Schrank: Will Cohn
Officer Krupke: Nicholas Massoud
Gladhand: Madeline Seidman & Lauren Weinberger
Officer Murphy: Jaden Johnson

“Somewhere” Soloists : Will Haskell/ Thomas Bonner, Meaghen Elliot, Emily Ressler

Male Ensemble: Jack Baylis, Michael Mathis, Josh Popkin, Tim Schroeder, Nathan Francis, Thomas Bonner, Scott Yarmoff

Female Ensemble: Claire Smith, Meaghan Elliot, Sofia Weinberg, Emma Ruchefsky, Danielle Honigstein, Emily Ressler, Julia Greene, Sarah Quagliarello


Female Jet Dancers: Dance at the Gym
Annabel Burchill/ Helena Wippick
Annie Cooperstone
Danielle Frost
Caroline Rossi
Faye Osgood
Ali Daut

“Cool” Dancers (3 girls, Male Jet Dancers, Anybodys)
Annabel Burchill/ Helena Wippick
Annie Cooperstone
Danielle Frost
Charlie Greenwald
Ryan Shea
Will Smith
Jack Bowman
Daniel Greenberg
Gregg Bonti
August Laska
Mike Sixsmith
Sydney Robinson & Charlotte Weber

Female Shark Dancers for “America” 
Jamie Yarmoff/ Sofia Ribolla
Helena Wippick/ Annabel Burchill
Kelly Gore
Sylvie Lexow
Sarah Sawyer
Amanda Horowitz
Sami Schwaeber
Cara McNiff / Maddy Rozynek

Female Shark Dancers for Dance at the Gym
Jamie Yarmoff/ Sofia Ribolla
Helena Wippick/ Annabel Burchill
Cara McNiff
Kelly Gore
Sylvie Lexow
Sarah Sawyer

Understudy for Tony: Everett Sussman
Understudy for Bernardo: Joe Badion


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