Sides & Songs for “Into the Woods”

Here are the sides and songs for “Into the Woods”. They are PDFs that you can download.


1) Jack, Mysterious Man

2) Baker, Wife, Jack

3) Princes

4) Jack, Little Red Ridinghood

5) Wife, Baker, Steward, Mysterious Man, Cinderella’s Prince

6) Steward, Baker, Cinderella

7) Witch, Rapunzel

8-Little Red Ridinghood, Baker’s Wife, Witch, Baker

9) Cinderella’s Prince, Baker’s Wife

10) Little Red, Granny, Baker


Agony Reprise- Cinderella’s Prince, Rapunzel’s Prince

Cinderella at the Grave – Cinderella’s Mother

Final Part I- Florinda, Stepmother

Finale Part IV- Narrarator

Giants in the Sky – Jack

I Know Things Now – Little Red Ridinghood

It Takes Two- Baker’s Wife and Baker

Last Midnight- Witch

Maybe They’re Magic – Baker & Baker’s Wife

No More- Baker

No More- Mysterious Man

On the Steps of the Palace- Cinderella

Opening Part I – Cinderella, Narrator, Stepmother, Stepsist

Opening Part IIA – Cinderella, Stepsisters

Opening Part III – Witch

Opening Part IV – Jack’s Mother

Opening Part VI – Cinderella, Stepsisters

Opening Part VII – Baker, Baker’s Wife

Our Little World – Rapunzel & Witch

Rapunzel Solo

Stay With Me- Witch, Rapunzel


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