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A director at work

Greg Langstine, one of the senior directors (with Kathryn Durkin) on “Once on This Island” observes dance rehearsal this week.


Once on This Island in Rehearsal!

The cast of “Once on This Island” is hard at work rehearsing for their upcoming show. Don’t miss this beautiful story, to be performed at Toquet Hall.

No, we’re not doing “Urinetown”…

But we DO have an actual toilet on the set. Doesn’t that make you want to come see the show? Here, part of our AMAZING tech crew does some heavy-lifting…

Someone is a big “Brighton Beach” fan

For the record, SHE was the one who tried to put the t-shirt on.

We got light!

Tech week is always exciting because we get to see what the lighting crew has been hard at work on and also get to see the great things that costumes have come up with! There is still much to be done with sets and lights but we are on our way!!

“The Infamous Dinner”

Brighton Beach moves on to the set!

Thanks to our hard working and talented tech crew, the Brighton Beach Memoirs set is taking shape! There is a lot more to do, but we are on our way!! The actors got their first chance to try it out this week – more photos to come….